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Dear Sir.
I want to grind a concave ( arc of 258 mm straight width ) radius of 1408.5 mm using a grinding wheel of 305 mm dia. I have in the past done the same with 4" wheels and the radii of up to 24" in width up to 50 mm by tilting the wheel at an angle. To what angle the 305 mm wheel should be tiled to produce exact 1408.5 mm radius. Horizontal wheel will give a radius equal to the wheel and vertical will give a straight surface that is infinite radius. If possible please tell me the angle of tilt.

 I'm not exactly sure what you are asking and describing.  Are you saying that you tilt the wheel on one axis and use the corner or edge of it to achieve a different radii than you would normally get from the wheel diameter?  Are you grinding a channel or a corner and in what type of machine is it?  

All I can picture is that you are tilting one axis in a universal type grinder and trying to achieve a different radii that the wheel would normally provide. Can you please explain further and send more details about the equipment and work? A picture, if possible, would make it easier for me to understand what you are trying to achieve.  

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