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Machine Tools/CNC machine interface with smartphone device.


Dear Don

Can there be advantages in interfacing CNC machines with Smartphone and Tablet devices Wired or Wireless?.


I don't think there is one "right" answer to this.  There could be some advantages if say you could generate or edit code from a cad file on a tablet out in the shop.  Many new machines have that capability built in but many, many shops have older equipment.  So if you had a wireless adapter on an old rs-232 connector and you could transfer from a tablet to a machining center and possibly drip feed larger programs that would be nice. There are so many possibilities I can't know a fraction of them.

On the down side you would have tablets in a shop environment that most likely isn't exactly tablet friendly. I haven't seen cadcam for a tablet yet and have only found apps for editing 2d .dxf drawings.  

I know it's not much of an answer but it's a hard question to answer.  

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