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I need a grinder but have no clue what to get. See my husband lost his key to our storage unit. The lock can't be cut with bolt cutters,I've already asked. You need to grind it off. So other than handheld,is there a type or something I need?

Hi, I assume this if for a padlock and not a lock set in the door. A handheld grinder, called an angle grinder, is what you need. You may be able to rent one from a home improvement store. Any wheel that comes with it will be OK for grinding through one lock, you don't need to invest in any different types a salesman may try to sell you. It will certainly Cut through even the most expensive heat treated padlock.  If you may lose more keys in the future it may be advisable to buy a cheap one at harbor freight :)

As always, wear safety glasses and read the manual. They are loud and make a lot of sparks but are relatively safe if you take basic precautions. Glasses, gloves and fire extinguisher are standard. I would also suggest looking on youtube for instructional videos.  

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