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Macintosh OS/Rename email subject field


NIck wrote at 2012-12-04 06:17:30
In outlook

select the message

Go to the :"message" menu

Select "edit message"

Change the subject line

close and save (or save and close)

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Robert Watts


I have been using Mac OSX since 10.3.0 and current am on my 6th mac. I help businesses convert to Mac OS from PC in a consulting role. I can help with problem solving in a variety of ways.

I like to help people fix their problems where possible There are things that I just can't or won't help with though- please read this. I will not help with DVD copy questions or any question at all related to file sharing. 99% of all file sharing is theft. 99% of DVD copy is also illegal and I will not help with that. I would love to help you with your printer or scanner. Please don't ask me a question that you should ask your manufacturer first. There are many thousands of printers on the market and I in no way know them all or even a tiny fraction. Printing problems have common causes that a basic troubleshooting methodology will usually solve. Please make sure you have contacted your manufacturer or done some research before you lob a "why doesn't my printer work" question at me. Please tell me what steps you've done to solve a printer or scanner problem on your own when you contact me here.


I've worked with OSX since it came out. I'm PC to Mac convert and can also help other PC users who need to find suitable programs for the mac that are not available on PC. I know mac under-the-hood (I use the command line a lot) and have a solid understanding of OS X's unix core.

I am software developer of 10 years by trade.

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