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I started copying files from my Mac OS X Version 10.7.5 to my NASware 3.0TB that I'm currently using as an external hard-drive with an ICY BOX as docking station. When the last of the files were transferring the process froze and wouldn't finish. The bar kept on working saying that there were 5s left but nothing happened for more than ten minutes so I clicked "stop transferring" and now it's been about half an hour that it's saying "Stopping...". I tried to eject the harddrive but of course it won't eject while still in use. Now when I try to look in the folders that are already existing in the harddrive the folders appear empty. I'm a photographer so it's only filled with JPEG and CR2 files but they don't appear. Now I am scared to touch anything in fear of loosing all my work. What do I do??

Thank you in advance, Tanné


Boy!  I do not want to be responsible for loss of data, that's for sure.  But, my gut tells me that the computer files should not be corrupted by this transfer.  So, your receiving drive is the critical piece.  If you have other files there, you might lose some of them.  You clearly are in a position to be forced to make a choice.  I would simply disconnect the drive.  Then reconnect it and see what you can recover of previously saved files.  You may want to put everything somewhere else so you can reformat your external drive.

Check your files on your computer - see if they open properly.  Assuming they are OK, restart your computer and reconnect your external drive.  This time, when you do your move, try doing it in smaller chunks.

Do you know how to zap your P-RAM?  You might find that gives you a clean jumping-off point.  Let me know if you need my help to do that.  I don't know that it will make a difference but I often find that it cleans up my computer if it's behaving oddly.

Good luck!


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