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I started copying files from my Mac OS X Version 10.7.5 to my NASware 3.0TB that I'm currently using as an external hard-drive with an ICY BOX as docking station. When the last of the files were transferring the process froze and wouldn't finish. The bar kept on working saying that there were 5s left but nothing happened for more than ten minutes so I clicked "stop transferring" and now it's been about half an hour that it's saying "Stopping...". I tried to eject the harddrive but of course it won't eject while still in use. Now when I try to look in the folders that are already existing in the harddrive the folders appear empty. I'm a photographer so it's only filled with JPEG and CR2 files but they don't appear. Now I am scared to touch anything in fear of loosing all my work. What do I do??

Thank you, Tanné

Your explanation is vague and does not explain everything.
NASware 3Tb is likely a Western Digital drive - maybe not.
Icy Box is a term applied to many external devices - who made it?
The external device is connected how? Ethernet, eSATA, Firewire, USB2, USB3, Thunderbolt?
The external harddrive is formatted how? NTSF, HFS+, EXT3?
NTSF (Windows probably not), HFS+ (Mac), EXT2 or 3 (Linux)

IF HFS+ the damage may be logical (filesystem) and not electrical or mechanical.
DiskWarrior by Alsoft $99 would be my first choice.
Will work on internal, firewire, USB, and Thunderbolt connected drives.
If Disk Utility (Utilities folder in Applications folder) sees the drive, try Repair - it may work. Disk Utility should tell you how the drive is partitioned and formatted. If it says it can not repair, DiskWarrior is your best choice.   DiskDrill, TechTool, and Drive Genius are other options.

IF NOT HFS+ and you do not have access to a Windows Computer, File Recovery is your option.
Drive Rescue by Prosoft is my first choice.  File Recovery means you need an empty drive big enough to hold the files.

I have many Photographer clients, you NEED a double backup system, A backup of your photo storage. A triple backup with offsite storage is best.  

I am fond of Guardian Maximus and Voyager external drives by Newer Tech sold by Other World Computing.

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