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QUESTION: I spent several weeks editing about 440 scanned medium format slides, adjusting crop, color, etc. I can no longer see the edits that I performed to these original slides. It seemed to occur after I removed empty folders from my iMac. Is there a separate file that contains all of the edit info for original photos that I might have deleted?

Tim Kirkland


I wouldn't think the empty folders being deleted would hurt anything... but do you remember where the empty folders were located on your Mac's hard drive or what they were called?  Where the folders related to iPhoto do you remember?

I think iPhoto '09 normally saves both the original and modified versions of photos. But I think both are hidden away on your hard drive in the Users folder -> Username -> Pictures -> iPhoto Library where they are hard to get at by accident.

But you should open up iPhoto now and make a change to a photo, and quit iPhoto and then relaunch it just to make sure iPhoto is saving changes like it should.

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QUESTION: iPhoto is currently saving the changes. I have rebuilt the iPhoto library several times. I back up using Time Machine. Could I restore the Modified Folders from a backup?

Yes, I would think you could restore the folders you had deleted in from a backup and put them back.

I would say, doing that is worth a shot. Probably won't hurt. Where the folders you deleted inside the "iPhoto Library" bundle, I guess you would call it?

Or maybe depending on the timing of your backups to when you trashed the folders, you could just restore the the file that is located at:

Your hard drive -> Users -> Your User Name -> Pictures -> iPhoto Library

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