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Lately my Macbook Pro's keyboard has become unresponsive when the CPU is under stress...At times I can hear the fan becoming louder and that's when my keys become somewhat unresponsive.

In those cases I have to press a key sometimes for over 5 times before it works. This problem only consists for about a minute after which the keyboard works properly again.

Can you help me?

Overheating is possible but unlikely, the fan should not have dust clogging it, compressed air drives the dust back into the laptop and disassembly is the best course. has instuctions.
Not enough RAM is most likely. will show RAM upgrade options.
Activity Monitor in Utilities in Applications can be set to Keep in Dock, show System Memory, and the pie chart should show GREEN - Memory Available.
Too many programs running, too many background applications. System Preferences > Users > your user > Startup Items  shows SOME background apps, you can remove those that are not needed or used.
CCleaner may help
Speed Up Lion

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