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Macintosh OS/OS9 AOL5.0 delete password without logging on


I want to clean off this nice old iMac for pics & games.  I want to leave AOL to open a few files, but want to delete password.  Preferences/Passwords - it's there in grey. It says go to keyword "password" but I would have to log on and I can't.  The computer is not on the internet.

I just want to throw away a pref file or something like that.  I want no usernames in the pulldown menu.

How do I do this?

Hi there Reseda.

So is what your saying, you don't know the administrative password for the iMac?

If so, you can startup off a Mac OS X install DVD and reset the iMac's password. For instructions, go to this URL:

And click on the link for:
Resetting the original administrator account password

I also ran across this trick:  

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None at this time.

None. Just ran across this Mac tutorial application for Mac users running OS X 10.7 or later:

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