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QUESTION: I just installed OS 10.8.2. Yep it slowed down some. Any tip, trick etc to help get back some speed? thanks

ANSWER: Ernie,

What machine are you on? How much ram do you have? Are you saying that it was decent on 10.8.1 but now really slow on 10.8.2?

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QUESTION: 2.4 GHz with 2 GB ram and upgraded from Snow Leopard. I'm just looking for some simple way to get some speed back. Nothing to expensive or elaborate.   thanks again


Since I don't know which mac you have, but you mentioned you came from Snow Leopard, I'll tell you the big thing that can make a difference: RAM.

My guess is that you just don't have enough ram in your system.

Open Activity Monitor (in utilities) and take a look under system memory what your Swap and Page outs are. I'm guessing that your system is writing quite a bit of the memory down to the hard drive (and back) because it's anemic in the RAM department.

While the specs show 2 gb , realistically double that is a minumum for ram.

Here's a great article on Mountain Lion slowdowns:

So, I think (depending on your mac) you may want to spend $50 or so and get some more RAM for your system. No other magic is really going to help, beyond downgrading back to snow leopard.

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