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My Mac Book Pro version 10.6 will not start properly. It only boots to the desktop and no other functions exist. The big deal is it not even letting me start in safe mode. I tried holding the shift key and get the Apple sign but the Finder (sliding bar) does not ever show up. I also tried Zapping the PRAM but that did not work. I want to run First Aid but unfortunately, I don't have my Disk Utility application. Any advice?


This is distressing, I know!  Do you have another way to access Apple Support so you can download First Aid?  If you have a friend who will let you copy it onto a disk, you should be able to do that.  Of course, you will need to also put a startup program on it.  Do you know anyone with a System Disk?  I think that is going to be your best bet.  

Hmmm - I'm also thinking that if you can put a system disk from a friend on an external drive, you could boot from that and then run things - Where are you living?  I could try to make a disk for you if you don't have access anywhere else.  It's worth a shot if my other suggestions don't work.

Let me know.


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