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Macintosh OS/Macbook 4,1 Factory Installed Software


Hello!  I've inherited a 2008 white MacBook.  I do not have original installation disks.  

 Hardware Overview:

 Model Name:   MacBook
 Model Identifier:   MacBook4,1
 Processor Name:   Intel Core 2 Duo
 Processor Speed:   2.4 GHz
 Number Of Processors:   1
 Total Number Of Cores:   2
 L2 Cache:   3 MB
 Memory:   2 GB
 Bus Speed:   800 MHz
 Boot ROM Version:   MB41.00C1.B00
 SMC Version (system):   1.31f1
 Serial Number (system):   WQ8330NG0P1
 Hardware UUID:   69B323B3-CA46-5607-8BFC-4AA223BA5BF

 System Software Overview:

 System Version:   Mac OS X 10.6.8 (10K549)
 Kernel Version:   Darwin 10.8.0
 Boot Volume:   Macintosh HD
 Boot Mode:   Normal
 User Name:   xxx
 Secure Virtual Memory:   Enabled
 64-bit Kernel and Extensions:   No
 Time since boot:   xxx

What's here is working fine - however - it doesn't seem to be complete with certain hardware and   apps I've assumed were included from the factory.  Two I'm aware of

*  No speaker.  There seems to be an internal microphone but no speaker.
*  Garage Band is not installed

Did something get lost along the way?


Maybe, maybe not.

Here's everything about that particular model:

Every mac ever built has speakers - so, those speakers are either damaged or there's a software issue. If the machine doesn't beep when you start it, it's likely the speakers are damaged. Try plugging into external speakers or headphones and see if you hear anything.

It shipped with 10.5.2 with very specific installer disks that would only install to that specific machine.
What someone did was purchase 10.6 and install that version of the OS.
If you didn't get any disks, that's what you'd need to buy (and ebay would be your best bet.)

Garageband, which was part of iLIfe was installed with the specific OSX disk (10.5) that shipped with the machine. Apple would then sell you an upgrade to later versions as they created new versions of iLife.

At some point the original owner could have deleted it - or when they bought 10.6, they might have wiped out everything else.

Does that help?  

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