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QUESTION: I am on a MacBook Pro, with 8 GB RAM, running OSX 10.9 Maverick. Can you tell me how to get scroll bar arrows (preferably together) to appear.  Scrolling by moving the scroll bar moves too fast on many sites and I don't like two finger touchpad scrolling. Hopefully they haven't removed the scroll arrows permanently, thinking it is an improvement. Thanks.

For some folks the ability to scroll up and down a site has been disabled in Chrome after upgrading to Mavericks. If Google's browser is your vehicle to navigate the Internet, this is going to put a stop to that immediately. There are currently two ways to fix the problem. The first is the scorched-Earth solution of deleting and reinstalling Chrome on the offending computer. The second, less drastic, method is to make the scroll bars visible at all times. In the Finder, navigate to System Preferences > General > Show Scroll Bars > and click Always.

This will bring the scroll bars back and seems to fix the issue not just with Chrome but with other applications that have stopped scrolling.

Google "mavericks scroll bars"

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Thanks for your prompt response. My problem is that I do have scroll bars all of the time, but I can't get up and down arrows at the end of the scroll bars (which is the way to scroll that I prefer and the way that was available on all previous versions of the Mac OS). Do you know any way to get Mavericks to display the arrows at the ends (or preferably at the same end) of the scroll bars? Thanks.


I have used the arrows all my life with Windows and Macs; until the last few years with mac Lion and MLion. But I never missed them, just now that you say it. I hold the left button and scroll at hearts desire and find page 789 in the mentioned PDF as easy as always.
Doug, you are mini-mousing:
SystemPreferences/General/  "Click in the Scroll Bar to"   Jump to the next page.......
Since I only use vi/vim for editing, I have no problem going line by line via the arrow keys... but unlike some 'apple' people, I think about what others would do/use and if missing, find the missing elements problematic.

Unable To find a utility or workaround.
Fine control mouse wheel, trackpad, arrow keys

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