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QUESTION: Jeff when we watch anything on youtube sometimes there is sound and sometimes there is no sound. It seems that this only happens on youtube.
We have 10.7.5. I think this happened after we downloaded an update recently.
Thanks for your time.


It's hard to say exactly what's wrong here; that's not your fault, there are too many variables. Is it your computer? Is it the browser (which I'm assuming is safari)? Is it the Flash plugin?

Instead, I'd like to try a quick workaround (if it works, it's up to you if you want us to go back and forth to solve it.)

Could you download Google chrome <> and try a youtube link that's not working in that browser?

It has it's own built in version of flash - so if it works, it's actually a decent diagnostic tool of what's wrong/right.

Try that and let me know,



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QUESTION: Jeff you're a star. That worked great. I would be happy to fix whatever is the issue if you don't mind taking the time. I am fair at some computer aspects and completely clueless at others and would love to learn more.

ANSWER: Ok, so we're good and working.

Again, I'm assuming you're using safari.
Bookmark one of the YouTube videos that isn't working. We'll need that for our tests.

First up: Let's have you update the flash player

If that doesn't work, we're going to toss the flash preferences. After that, we'll create a new user on your machine (to see if it's specific to your Safari install (meaning it'd affect every user of your machine) or if it's just specific to your user. Really, that ought to be an earlier step, but it just might be that flash is out of date.

Let me know how it goes,

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QUESTION: Jeff we are using Safari and updating flash player didn't work.
Thanks again for your time


Here we go!

Quit safari.

First, let's lose the flash prefs and caches.
Go to your user/Library/Preferences (or in the finder type CMD-G and paste: ~/Library/Preferences
The ~ means to OSX that it's your USER.
There's a folder called Macromedia.
Either move it to the desktop or the trash (the advantage of the desktop is you could always move it back.

See if that fixes it.


Let's wipe out flash and reinstall it

Go here and follow the instructions for removal of flash (by the way, this won't affect Chrome; youtube and other flash elements will still work fine there.)

Full flash installer here:

Let's see how that does...

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