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Hi, Debba.
I have a Mac Powerbook running 10.7.5. I have an HP Deskjet F4480. Neither are new. Suddenly, when I want to print one copy of something, it prints out two. Always two, then stops. There is a slight delay between the printings, almost as if the printer thinks it did not already print something. I downloaded printer software update 2.13 on January 11, but cannot remember if that is when the problem starter or not. Any help is much appreciated. (Yes, I have "1" checked in number to print.)

Hi, Joan,

I'd begin at the HP website - check their FAQs on that model and see if that problem has cropped up anywhere else.  I tried to run a quick search but don't have time to do that right now.  Have you tried calling HP?  They often will still help you even though it is out of warranty.

Some trouble-shooting ideas:

*Disconnect your printer from the computer, restart both - plug it in and try again.

*Disconnect your printer and Zap your P-RAM ... tell your computer to restart and then hold down the Option-Command-P and R keys as soon as the screen goes black and before it bongs.  Let it bong 5 times, then release the keys and let it start up normally.  Reconnect your printer and try it again.

In each of these, let the printer sit totally off for a bit of time.  If you can set the printer back to it's default settings, that might help.

*Remove the printer from from your computer and reinstall it - You may need to remove preferences from your system folder.  I can talk you through that (I think), if you reach this point.  Just let me know.

*Throw the printer across the room and scream at it (that doesn't usually fix the problem, though, for some reason).  :D  OK - it's late and I'm a little punchy!  I'll try to behave!

Let me know if anything works - I'll keep mulling it over in case you are still stumped.


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