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I have a Mac OSX 4.1.1(10.4 at any rate) and have a serious problem. Here are further specs:-

Hardware Overview:

 Model Name:   iMac
 Model Identifier:   iMac6,1
 Processor Name:   Intel Core 2 Duo
 Processor Speed:   2.16 GHz
 Number Of Processors:   1
 Total Number Of Cores:   2
 L2 Cache (per processor):   4 MB
 Memory:   512 MB
 Bus Speed:   667 MHz
 Boot ROM Version:   IM61.0093.B07
 SMC Version:   1.10f3
 Serial Number:   CK70202XXWW

At any rate, up till c. 12 months ago, despite having a far too ancient computer, I few issues with my mac. That is, it sometimes couldn't handle some websites with very specific, complicated software, so it crashed. But that was about it. Then, 6 months ago, youtube videos started slowing down majorly - I would have to wait for several minutes until they could be played to the end, but general Internet-searching was fine and relatively fast still. In the last month or so, though, I have found that youtube videos won't load at all unless I pull the plugs out of my modem for a few minutes, and even then that only allows youtube video playing for 10 minutes or less. I also have found that trying to download any software etc.  takes far too long, and, now, even my Internet-surfing takes ages, too. I thought that my Mac might be infected  with a virus but have been frustrated by the fact that the freeware antiviruses I tried to download turn out to be only compatible with MAC OSX 10.5 or above. Do you know of any freeware antivirus software that is compatible with Mac OSX 10.4?

I have also tried Stellarwipe and Onyx to speed things up and allow youtube video-playing but they have been less and less successful, until, recently, they seem to be hardly effective at all.

Any ideas you may have re this issue would be most welcome. Thanks!

OSX 10.4.?   10.4.11 is current.
Reapplying the Combo 10.4.11 update MAY help

You are using a five year old computer and operating system to view an internet that is designed (on many websites) to be viewed by current computers.
You have inadequate RAM - 512Mb is not enough.
You could quadruple it for $33

You can view the status of your memory with Activity Monitor in Utilities folder - it can be kept in the dock and display the pie chart of RAM usage.
Browsers are vicious RAM hogs.
You do not mention the browser you use. Many of the current browsers will not install on 10.4.

Camino  -
Omniweb  -

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