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ok, so yesterday i was downloading music in my itunes and eventually filled my hard drive. So, i cleaned my mac using the app clean my mac 2. after that everything was fine. the next day, i booted my laptop(macbook air) and i tried to open my itunes. the light was blinking under it and then stopped but the app never opened. i tried multiple times and different ways to re open the app (all failed). so i called apple and asked for some help and i put it in safe mode and all that stuff. Itunes eventually opened, but my computer was INSANELY slow. Now somehow i cant keep open any application for longer than 5 min basically except google chrome if i have 1 tab open. if i try and watch a video on youtube there is no audio either. i also cant keep open system preferences. Is there anything i can do besides reseting my computer?

Specs: Ram 2gigs
Model: Macbook Air
OS Version: loin, latest.. i cant open "about this mac"

Safe mode, diagnostics (said everything was fine), deleting cashes (increase speed), deleting unimportant files (also for speed)

BACK UP YOUR STUFF..... okay, now...

Filling a hard drive past 85-90 per cent is almost certain to hose the directory.
You can do a bad job of directory repair with Disk Utility if you boot from a CD, Flash Drive or ext hard drive
You can also fix the internal hard drive with a firewire target mode connection (if you have a firewire port, a firewire cable and another Mac).
If you have a Thunderbolt connection the same thing can be done.

Disk Utility may not fix the problem (it is not the best) Disk Warrior by Alsoft is the best.
If you boot in safe mode, the hard drive is supposed to be Disk Utilitied and repaired.

I would create a NEW USER with admin access. Log out and log in as NEW USER and test - if okay, that means the problem is in the Library folder of your user account.

Download the 10.7.5 COMBO updater and apply it, it may fix things.

Onyx is free and is useful in clearing caches and things -
YASU is also a viable option  -

My ScoopIt site for Mac Troubleshooting

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