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Macintosh OS/Internet Connection issue


Error Pop-Up Message
Error Pop-Up Message  
When connected to the internet, I constantly get annoying pop-up boxes that say "Network Connection - Could not find a PPPoE server". I simply click on "OK" and the box goes away for 2-3 minutes and then pops back up. It has no effect on my getting on or using the internet and email. I just click the annoying box away and keep doing my internet work. I am connected to a cable modem with an Airport wireless system. Other computers in the house use this same wireless system without having this problem. I have no idea what to do to this specific computer to get this pop-up to quit constantly coming up. If I leave the computer ON or in SLEEP, after a few weeks, the pop-up stops coming up on its own, but if I restart the computer, it begins all over again. My computer is a 17" MacBook Pro, with OS 10.6.8 with 8GB RAM. No recent changes or any hardware additions or modifications.

OSX Network Preference Pane
OSX Network Preference  
In System Preferences (Apple Menu) open Network Preference Pane.
Padlock Icon may need to be unlocked...

In the left column you will have Airport - Ethernet - Bluetooth - Firewire - and maybe PPPoE (could be named anything).
Delete Bluetooth (highlight and hit "-" minus sign at bottom, Firewire, Ethernet, and anything other than Airport.
Leaving only Airport (you can hit "+" plus sign and add these connection methods again as needed.)

Remove the Bluetooth connection option with the minus button and then add it back with the plus button - see?

The Gear button has an option to "Make Service Inactive" this may work, have not tried.

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