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QUESTION: Hi I'm running macos x 10.2.8 and  I'm having problems with the cd rom not being recognized I can see it in about this Mac/more info/ devices and volumes under the bus it shows the hard drive and cd rom I can eject with eject button and put CDs in but nothing happens and no icon on main window

ANSWER: Tim, is this a CD that has worked previously?  I suggest you try something that you KNOW works and see if IT shows up.  You also may have to wait longer for it to show up.  Sometimes it can take an inordinate amount of time.  Another thought - you put it in and then go away and do something else for 30 minutes or more (I'm erring on the side of excess).  

If you can get your drive to read a different disk, then you will know that the disk is the problem.  I'm curious because you don't say that it comes up asking you if you wish to format the disk, and that is the default when the machine can't read a disk - so I'm leaning toward the fact that you've just not waited long enough OR the drive is broken.

Try those things and then get back to me.


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QUESTION: I can definally try that but to my understanding I thought the cdrom icon is Suspose to show up on the main desktop screen and when I click on DVD player application it says I don't have a DVD drive but its weird that it would show up in the system profiler I'm not sure how different mac is to windows but in windows you just have to install the drivers I didn't know if it is the same with mac maybe a firmware update?

Tim, how old is your computer.  Using such an old system, I'm guessing that it's a bit of a dinosaur.  If that is the case, it might not be a combo (CD/DVD).  In fact, it doesn't say DVD in your picture - so I'm guessing that is the issue.

Macs do not need extra installers and things like that for the computer - and firmware updates are just not a key component, which is one reason I like Macs ... you start them and they work!

Tell me more about your actual computer ... go to the Apple Menu, select About this Mac and then click on the More Info button - then look through the list of things on the left and see what it says about your CD drive.  If it is for DVDs, it will tell you there.

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