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ello There,

My current mac, recently upgraded to 10.6.8 and provided with lost of  RAM(1 or 2GB) is no suddenly becoming really slow. Previously with this upgrade, it allowed me to access up to 20 webpages at a time, sometimes, with no issues. Now it can crash or stall with just 2 webpages open. I desperately looked online via googling for some freeware software tool to clean up my RAM, but I constantly get diverted to sites which insist on payment. Please help provide me with a link to a genuinely free utility which can get rid of this RAM clogging up. Thanks, Geoff.

You do not mention the Mac model.
You can find the specs at
More RAM is the answer, you can find the options at

Activity Monitor (Utility Folder) can be kept in the Dock showing the Pie Chart of RAM.
Green is good, if it disappears, you are caching memory to the harddrive.
COMMAND + OPTION + ESC will bring up Force Quit, you can force quit the browser and instantly see the RAM release.

Creating a New TEST user and log in as TEST to see if there are problems with the old user or the system.
You can download and install the 10.6.8 COMBO update, this may help.
You can download, install, and run Applejack monthly - this may very well help.

Your harddrive may be hosed or failing, testing with an external drive, dupe the boot drive to the external with SuperDuper!  Boot from the duplicate external boot drive.
AppleJack will repair the internal drive with fsck - this may work.

MORE RAM is the answer.

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