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QUESTION: Hi Debba - it's driving me NUTS!  I have a Mac G5 with OS  10.5.8  with Entourage as my mail program.  When I'm composing email and making up a list of several items, Entourage automatically inserts a dot at the beginning of each item.  How the _heck_ can I eliminate this feature.



ANSWER: Earl, I'm looking at Entourage now.  When I went to put e-mail addresses in, it put dots in front of each of them.  Also, when I went into the body of the e-mail, there was a button that shows bullets that, if clicked, will make bullets.  I'm unable to find any preference that says to do that automatically, so I'm wondering if there is something that I'm not getting.  Is there some OTHER task you are doing that gives you the dots?

And, if I remember, you were frustrated with the lines in your e-mail ... I may have figured that out, too - but want to hear back about the dots first.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Debba, and thank you _very much_ for your attention and assistance - the mark of a real pro.  I think I may have found the answer to the 'auto dots' problem, I tried using plain texting instead of HTML.  I think the HTML option is for getting fancy with different colored text, etc.  Seems to be working.  Except for professional writers, who else would be interested in fighting all the 'automatic' features.  Like the government - "Just leave me alone, I'll do it myself!"   

  Did you say you have an idea how I can eliminate the lines in my email?  Is so please let me know - that would be awesome!  

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Hey, Earl,

Glad you were able to figure it out.  I hadn't thought of that.

For the line, please open up an e-mail that has the line and since you are on a Mac, I want you to make sure the window is as big as you can make it.  Then I want you to tap at the same time, shift-command-4.  When you let go, you will get another little symbol.  Put the symbol at the top left of the window and drag to the bottom right and then let go.  It will frame the window and make a clicking sound.  You have just taken a picture of the window.  Now close the window and go to your desktop.  You should see a file on your desktop that is called 'Screenshot'.  Open it up to see if it's a good copy.  If it is, close it and attach it to an e-mail to me at:  <>.  I wasn't able to open the other thing you tried to send - I'm not sure what format it was in or if it just didn't come correctly.  In any case, let's try this.


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