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Hi David - it's driving me NUTS!  I have a Mac G5 with OS  10.5.8  with Entourage as my mail program.  When I'm composing email and making up a list of several items, Entourage automatically inserts a dot at the beginning of each item.  How the _heck_ can I eliminate this feature.



It has been a while since I composed in Entourage, you can use HTML (lists with bullet marks) or Plain Text (text with returns)
I do not care for Outlook and prefer Thunderbird for an email client (both Mac and Win)
In Thunderbird, if you click the format button for a list, it can be bulleted or numbered. I normally just use text with shift|return.
Creating HTML Emails - Tips & Tricks
Message Format Characteristics
Review the following message formats to determine which best suits your needs:
Messages may contain text formatting, numbering, bullets, alignments, horizontal lines, font colors, background colors or pictures, indentation, and web pages. If a recipient's email program cannot read HTML, he or she will receive the message in Plain Text format with an attachment that can be opened in a web browser.
Plain Text
Messages do not contain any formatting. If you regularly send email to people who access different email programs, this may be the best format for you. With plain text there is no risk of recipients not being able to read your messages.  

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