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I have an old desktop Mac computer that has been off line
for a number of years but I use for graphics and letter writing
etc.  I love this computer that I bought in 1995.  Never given
me one bit of trouble.  The Epson printer has decided to stop
working so I need to replace the printer. The connections are
all the USB type now instead of the SCSI Ports and Printer Ports
they had then.  My question is, is there some kind of an adapter
that I can purchase in order to be able to buy and install a new
printer to this computer ?  Any help greatly appreciated.

Thanks, Sharon


Sigh, I have no good news for you. There are people who were born after this system was discontinued that are driving now .  But I admire your tenacity.

There are no SCSI to USB adapters; there was (for a brief moment) some ADB (Apple Desktop bus) to USB, I think...but finding one?

You can't buy a modern printer - they won't have a driver that you can install on the system.  You're using 7.5 or 8.6....

Me? I'd try to find that printer on ebay and replace it with an identical model.

Meanwhile, here are the details of your system:

Still reading?

I did find a group who might be able to find something for you - they deal with older Macs (about 10 years old.)

At least give them a call?

Hope that helped in some way!

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