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QUESTION: My mac os x needs an update "adobe flash player"  as a result of blocked plug ins.  I follow the instructions all the wat to a window that shows who the computer belongs to and asks for a password...a password was never entered into the computer..A hint is given: place where you were married..easy to ans. but computer says its wrong..I also am given a window that allows the chaingeing of the password, but since i don't know the old password, I can't change the password...Is there a way to by pass the "password" so i can download the flash player..thank you.

ANSWER: Jimmie,

Do you have your system disk used to install?  If you have that, there is an override that you can do to reset the computer's password.  I won't go into detail now, but we can cross that bridge when I know you have access to a disk.


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QUESTION: yes, I have an imac application install DVD.  I will be awaiting your response.   Thank you for your time.


Dear Jim,

While I was looking for my files on resetting the password, I came across these sites.  I think they have more information than I do, so I decided to go this route.  I did a Google search for <Password Override OS X>.  I picked two that I hope will be what you need.  But if they are not, pop over to Google and see which ones match what you need.  I realized I didn't know which version of OS X you are using and in my search, I found there are ways to do it without the disk as well --- if this doesn't do the trick, I will keep digging for my file.

Here's to a successful recovery of your computer freedoms!


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