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be running iMac 10.8.3 with Adobe CS5.5.  How do I open a dat. file

Where did the xxx.dat file come from?  What application created it?
There are many possibilities.
Assuming it is an email attachment, probably from a Windows Outlook user...
Ask them the name and extension of the file they are sending, obviously they are clueless.".dat"+filetype
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  The first thing to understand about .DAT files is that it indicates a file that has arbitrary data. That means itís not associated with any one particular program or application. When you see a file with a .XLS extension, you know itís referring to an Excel file, and so on. But with .DAT files, you have to figure out how to open it yourself and it may not be the same program each time.
  The best way to open a .DAT file is to use the program that created it. However, if youíre not sure, you can always try Notepad. Now when you open it in Notepad, you may be able to recognize some of the data, but the rest will most likely be junk spewed out by the program that created it.
Youíll normally only see this file format when receiving emails with attachments. Most common programs today do not generate .DAT files and only computer programmers use these files on any kind of regular basis.
 So your first step would be to ask the person who sent you the email if they know which program was used to create the file. Now if they tell you that they actually sent a picture or a document and they are not sure why itís a .DAT file, it could be that the file extension was changed in the process of having the email routed to you.

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  They are typically found as winmail.dat files in email attachments, created by Microsoft Exchange Servers. But many other programs can create .dat files as well. So if the name doesnít give it away, itís difficult to tell whether youíre dealing with text, pictures, movies or something completely different.
  Giving advice on how to open a DAT file of an unknown source is difficult because there are so many options, depending on the original source of the file. But say you were supposed to receive a WORD document and what you did receive was a document with a .dat file extension. Basically, you have two straight forward options to open and convert a DAT file into a Word doc.

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