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Hi David,

Can files be recovered from the following hard drives, when the hard drives die?:

1) SSD,
2) HDD/Hybrid,
3) Fusion Drive,
4) SRT Drive.


Drives die in different ways. Mechanically, electronically, structurally, and logically.
You question is too simple, the answer is yes, depends.
SSDs supposedly fail, and become read only, so the files can be recovered.
Unless they fail electronically, meaning the interface fails, not the storage.
Don't know about HHD/Hybrid, Fusion Drive, or SRT Drive.
So, new, no one has brought me a dead one.

An ongoing discussion of data storage

From the above link today...
People who recently bought Macs with "Fusion" drives should also be aware that they should stay away from certain hard drive utilities. I mistakenly upgraded my copy of TechTool Pro 6 up to version 7.01. Bad move! TechTool Pro will not touch any fusion or hybrid drive except to examine them, but not modify them in any way.

Unfortunately I see no way to get my money back!

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