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I am at a web page with a list of hundreds of mp3s for a certain genre of music. I would like to know how many mp3s are on this page, but it would take a long time to count them. So, I do a command-F and search "mp3" in order to make the count a heck of a lot quicker for myself. But next to the find field it says "More than 100 matches".

Is there any way to change a preference or something so that it tells me exactly how many matching items are found instead of the limit of 100 it's defaulting to?


ANSWER: I assume Mac OSX, I assume Safari web browser.

I do not think that setting can be changed in the web browser.
I do not know what response you would get in Firefox and Chrome.

You could download Text Wrangler (free), copy and paste the text into TW and I KNOW it would tell you. It is a very technically proficient word processor.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Yes, you're assumptions were correct.

I tried FIrefox and it didn't work. I tried Google Chrome.................and it worked!! It says 1 of 538 items.

Thanks for the help!

I thought of another question, if you don't mind. I was wondering if you know of any other free utilities besides AppleJack to clean out / streamline the mac on a monthly basis. I use AppleJack and it seems to do some good. Back in the day I used Norton but I don't even know if they still make a Mac utility. My imac isn't running terribly slow (Intel Core 2 duo --from 2009 I believe) but it's always good to try and do the best to get it optimized as much as possible in my opinion.

AppleJack works correctly up to Snow Leopard. It will install and run on Lion, ML, and Mavericks with errors.  It almost certainly not do damage, but....

Start with SHIFT key down invokes Safe Mode - it runs two of the five repairs that AppleJack does.
YASU, ONYX, and others will do the rest.

The SHIFT key Safe Mode and YASU are free and good.
Diskwarrior $100   by  is HIGHLY recommended.

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