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Okay, I made the plunge and got a Macbook Pro on Black Friday. I'm a lifelong windows guy and I got the computer for longevity and durability. Not to mention that Windows 8 sucks out loud. So I'm still getting used to how things are working.

I have two main questions:

1. I've been trying for like 3 weeks to download Mavericks. I got closest today - it got to 5.29 gb out of 5.29 but I got a popup saying it hadn't downloaded. I try again and it I had to start from scratch saying it hadn't downloaded anything. What gives? I left the computer alone and open most of the day but it started over again.

2. One of the reasons why I got the macbook was imovie - I want to start editing projects. I even got a camcorder last week but the damn thing won't recognize it. iphoto will but imovie won't. It even let me transfer my video files into iphoto but I can't get them into imovie. Any ideas why imovie won't recognize my camera and can getting Mavericks to download help? Can I get the files from iphoto to imovie?

I truly am I mac newbie here. I hadn't used a mac since college back in the mid 90s - and that wasn't by choice.


I feel the same way about Windows 8! (Yes, I have a system with it on it!)

1) So, let's rip off the bandaid. It's a big download.

That's really the issue. Given that it's 6 gig (more or less) that's 20-30 minutes on my connection and I have a really good connection.

I'm not sure what to do - I have a couple of ideas, but it's annoying that you're running into this.

Does the resume not work at all? Is there a different network (like work) where you might be able to download it from?

2) iMovie is a little sensitive to cameras; it was mostly firewire based cameras that it attached to; USB cameras are often the 'wild west' of video.
Yes, you can totally get iMovie to access anything in iPhoto or on your mac.

Quick digression/Apple education.
iPhoto stores all of it's pictures and movies in a file called iPhoto Library. For many files, apple makes it look like a single element (like a document) but it's really a package of elements inside. You can right click on the iPhoto Library and choose "show package contents" and you'll be peering inside the library. That's not how to access them, but I wanted you to know about it, because it's so different compared to windows.

Basically in iMovie there's a way to view media from iPhoto.
It's called the event library

This allows you to unload anything from your camera in iPhoto and have access in iMovie.

If you want to just get the video off and not involve iPhoto, there's an application called Image Capture on your mac which should do it for you.

Let's see where these get you!

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