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Dear Sir, after saving an iPhoto '09 book project that I worked on my MacBook Pro using Mac OS X 10.6.8 to an external drive (which saved it as a QuickTime Player version 10.0, I don't know why -Medium.m4v), I have been unable to import the file  back on iPhoto '09 format on to the same computer (which I had to reformat due to a purchased software bug one of those from the shelf "clean and make faster" products). Any suggestions? The file is siting in the library of events of iPhoto'09 in the Mac OS X 10.6.8 as a Medium.m4v QuickTime Player, which is not the intended format. Is there any way to recuperate the original iPhoto book format? Your advise is invaluable. Thank you.

No, the file is a movie, iPhoto deals with single images.
The movie could be played, paused, and screen captures made. The images would be too small to be useful.

The speed up my computer utilities can be moderately useful, useless or dangerous.  None are recommended by reputable websites.
Backups are critically important. When working on a project SAVE AS "myproject01, 02, etc" after putting any large amount of time in it.

I collect Mac Tech Support webpages at one of my sites

When looking for a tech answer, you can limit your search results by using (for example)
Google "iphoto open import md4 file"

I would make as small project and practice saving it correctly - see this Google

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