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QUESTION: Hi, I bought a new MacBook Air 13 inch last month. When I first got it, I think it was sleeping fine. Now, however, it's never going to sleep, whether plugged in or not, the display stays on. I have experimented with setting the sleep timer to the lowest setting of just one minute, and of course I don't touch the computer, but it's not falling asleep. Any advice?

ANSWER: It is under warranty, if you are near an Apple Store, make a genius bar appointment.

If you choose Sleep under Apple Menu does it sleep?

Disconnect ALL external devices and test. some can prevent sleep.
Mac OS X: Why your Mac might not sleep or stay in sleep mode
OS X: When your Mac doesn't sleep or wake

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I go to the control panel to set sleep settings. With cord in/out only one minute, and it doesn't sleep. I was downloading items and stopped this also. Yes, I also saw the pages you referred to, and didn't get anything else that I could do to find out what was happening so I turned to you.

At this point, do you think I need to take it in? I am about 4 hours round trip from a store.

The FIRST question was "If you choose Sleep under Apple Menu does it sleep?"

You start it up, no [NONE] external devices attached, no programs running. NOTHING.
and it does not sleep?

Reset SMC  and test, still no change?

IF all answers are NO, it is under warranty and the SMC reset does not help - I would drive it in.
BUT I would make sure, 3 times, that the above answers are NO.

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