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Macintosh OS/Firewire Target Mode Not Showing


I'm trying to get an older iMac (iMac "Core 2 Duo" 2.16 17-Inch) to work as a target drive so that I can remotely install Mac OS10.6 onto it.  I've tried several different machines (including a macbook pro and a newer iMac (27-inch, Mid 2011) and I've also tried 3 different firewire cables.  The computer doesn't mount on the desktop and doesn't show up in disk utility.  I've done extensive research online and can't find anyone who's ever had this problem and I'm at a loss to figure out why its not working... any ideas?

What OSX is on the iMac?  Is Target Mode an option in System Preferences > Boot Drive selection?
Snow Leopard is on a DVD? or USB flash drive?

What does Disk Utility on the iMac show about the Internal HardDrive?
Apple Partition Map or GUID? Number and format of partitions? HFS (Journaled)?
When the T key is held down, does the firewire icon float on screen.

Is the Hard Drive in good condition? Passes Repair Drive in Disk Utility (you have to boot from another boot device to run this) OR start with SHIFT key down and Safe Mode will repair drive.
Have you mounted a Firewire device on the iMac successfully?
If you start one of the other Macs in Firewire Target mode, do the internal hds appear on the iMac?

Firewire 800 on all devices? Known good cable that works when not using iMac in Target Mode.
Firewire ports can become disabled, resetting SMC can sometimes fix this.

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