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Running 1Mac OSX 10.8.5 -Intel Core 3 duo

Is there any way to restore everything at a certain date (like Windows has.) my Time Machine hd
went bad on me. All my files seem to be lost Is there a fix for this. Is there something else you need to know

Please help

Hello Howard

Ouch. If your External hard drive has failed, and you have lost data on your computer's hard drive, you are somewhat stuck.

Or did you mean that only your Time Machine HD has failed?

The Mac doesn't restore data to specific dates in the way Windows does. That is the job of Time Machine, just in case the computer's hard drive has failed. For both to go bad at the same time would be very unusual, unless you suffered a power spike/lightning strike. You would need an industry grade surge suppressor to deal with such events.  

Please advise further regarding whether you are dealing a with a single or double drive failure.

Sorry to be vague with my response.

Please note: I have a full time job and you may not receive a response for up to twenty four hours. I only check personal mail once a day at home.



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