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I have waited some time for the new admin. at Apple (since Steve Jobs) to get Mavericks stable and in a reasonable state to install it on my 2011 13" MacBook.

Apple seem to me to be using the old Windows scheme of sending out junk and hoping the mug punters will find all the flaws in their code and then they send out patches. Bring back Steve!

Now, since it seems that Mavericks is reasonably OK, I was hoping someone may be able to guide me on how to partition my 250GB HD so as to install Mavericks on one part while keeping Snow Leopard (OSX10.8.5) on the other part. In that way I was hoping to be easily able to transfer over to Mavericks the stuff I now have in SL that I want to keep.

I thought that before I do all that I should wipe the 'white space' on the SL section before partitioning and then installing Mavericks, but I no longer seem to have the utilities disk that used to allow me to do that and with my failing old memory I forget how to do it.

Any suggestions?

PS. I would also like to do the same on my little Mac Mini.

250Gb is small for two bootable partitions. I would highly recommend that you install a 500Gb or larger drive.
SuperDuper! creates a bootable copy of an installed OSX version.
Disk Utility (depending on version) can create a second partition on a drive.
1] Create an additional partition.
2] Use SuperDuper! to duplicate the SLeopard partition to the new partition
3] Boot to whichever you choose and upgrade that partition to Mavericks.

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