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I'm a recent convert from Windows to Mac. On our old PC, each family member had their own user 'desktop' on the same PC. I've stet up our iMac OSX the same way.

I recently purchased a NEAT scanner so my wife can scan and file her hodgepodge recipes. When installing the device software, I did so via her desktop, but when I scan a recipe, it goes to my desktop but not hers (I did the initial set-up of the computer when we bought it, so I'm the primary user, administrator, or whatever whacked out term Apple uses.

How do I get the scans to go to my wife's desktop?

You can not, not easily.

If the Neat scanner is set to scan to the desktop, whichever user is logged on and scanning will find the scans on their desktop.
Users is a folder on the boot harddrive.
Each user's folders are in that folder.
A user's folders are accessible to them and not other users.

Applications is a folder on the boot harddrive, accessible to all.
Creating a Folder called "Scans" on the boot harddrive, telling Neat to scan to that folder (and subfolders) will allow all users to access the scans.
Each user has a Public folder that is accessible to any user.
OR get a Flash Drive and scan to that - accessible to all users.
OR get a Dropbox 2Gb free account - scan to that, accessible to all with the password on the internet.
OR a pogoplug 15Gb free account, or OneDrive, or etc.
OR login as your wife to do scans.
OR User Fast User Switching to allow 4 second switching from one user to another.

All operating systems have Administrators, Users, and Guests (and hidden SuperUsers)

This Neat webpage talks about setup and sub folder creation.

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