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Hi David,

Late last year I decided to upgrade my OS directly from Snow Leopard to Yosemite. I am now running OS 10.10.1
I have had various problems with Yosemite, problems which I never had with Snow Leopard, and now wish to do a clean install of Snow Leopard from the Apple disc.
My questions are these. Will any backups that I have done whilst using Yosemite with Time Machine be available once I have Snow Leopard?
I have considered using Carbon Copy Cloner to do a backup as things stand now. Would that keep a copy of everything I have on my computer now, and would be able to access once I have done a clean install?
If Time Machine files were of no use, I would need to wipe the external drive to make way for Carbon Copy Cloner to back up to.
Hope this makes sense!

FIRST - Yosemite 10.10.2 was released yesterday, you may want to install and test. Typically you DO NOT want to go to the new OSX until one or two bugfixes are out.

Depending on the space available on your TimeMachine HD, the new computer TM backup will be in the same folder (same computer, different OSX, TM sees it as different computer).
Like iTunes, iPhoto and others, holding the OPTION key down when opening TM will allow you to choose the TM Backup to open.
For the best TM website -

Time Machine is good for recovering files and restoring hard drives, but it breaks.
SuperDuper! and CCC are a good choice in creating bootable backups, either to a HD or partition or a DiskImage.
Backing up your User Folder to a Flash Drive or HD is very important, photos especially.
Hard Drives die, flash drives may outlive them by decades. SSD drives may also live forever.

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