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QUESTION: I have a MacBook Pro laptop running OS 10.9.5 and I am using Microsoft Office 2011 for Mac. Recently I installed a Microsoft Office "critical security update" and since then my computer won't print on either of my two printers. The error message is something to the effect that Word cannot find a printer. Any advice? Thanks.

ANSWER: Dear Steve,

I just arrived home after giving respite to a family member who has been desperate for a break from caring for a loved-one in hospice.  As a result, I'm exhausted and need to get my head around the last 4 days and what didn't get done at my home, in my absence.  I will be happy to give your question my attention if you can give me a few more days.  But, if you are in a bigger hurry, I would strongly suggest that you reissue your question to someone else.  My guess is that I will have an answer, one way or the other, by Thursday this week.  Have you contacted Microsoft support about this?  They might be bursting with solutions.

I would STRONGLY recommend that you upgrade to ElCapitan OS.  I just put it on my computer and I'm hearing that it solves a LOT of problems that had been in Yosemitie, especially, but the last few upgrades in general.  It's free, so well worth doing.  I went right from Snow Leopard to E so have no experience with the systems in between.  I have a REALLY old laptop and it was able to handle the upgrade.  That alone, may solve your problem with the printer.  If you want me to continue researching into this week, no need to write - I'll just plan to do it.  If you plan to put it out to others and no longer want my input, just let me know asap.

Thank you, Steve, for any leeway you can give me, so I can  uphold the 3 day turnaround time now that I'm home.  

Sincerely yours,


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QUESTION: The problem just "fixed" itself after I turned the computer off and on twice. Don't know why but I am happy it works again. I am also considering upgrading my laptop directly from Snow Leopard to El Capitan. Did you have any compatibility issues with El Capitan then not running some programs after the upgrade? Thanks for your response. I understand and appreciate your situation. I don't need any further help (unless you can quickly answer the above upgrade question). Thanks.

FANTASTIC, Steve!  Such good news.  So many things on Macs are fixed by a restart!  God bless those simple solutions.

Regarding El Capitan and program issues --- I already knew I was going to have an issue with a few of my programs (Eudora for my e-mail and AppleWorks for WP, Graphics, Database and Spreadsheet, among others) so via my sister, learned that we could purchase Parallels and install a virtual machine on which to run Snow Leopard.  I had the old system disk so gave that a try and got nowhere, fast.  Come to find out, we needed to get a  SnowLeopard SERVER disk.  Got that and now everything is up and running.  You can make many virtual machines so can run Windows, and a number of other Mac systems, if you need to.   I think you are fairly tied to how far back you can go, since now we use Intel, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.  

I hope this encourages you to make the change - let me know if you have further questions on doing this.  I'm always happy to help with things and love stretching my mind.  Now that I don't need to do major research immediately, I'm easily available.  :D

Until next time . . . .


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