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my FEDEX/ KINKO copy shop upgraded their equipment,
and no longer are able to read  USBmemory sticks which
carry documents compiled on Mac OS.
How screwed up is that ?

How do I format a flash drive so it works with my mac mini
and the copy shop's windows equipment ?

I  take jpeg files to FEDEX  to print on acetates !

Disk Utility will partition hard drives or flash drives in three formats
GUID, Apple Partition Map, OR Master Boot Record

Windows can read|write MBR natively.
Win can read|write APM with added utilities
Win SHOULD be able to read GUID but often does not.

Mac can read|write all three

The partitions on the hard drive or flash drive can be FORMATTED in several formats
Mac OS Extended

Windows can read/write FAT and ExFAT (WinXP can have problems with ExFAT)
Mac can read/write all three

Many or most flash drives come MBR | FAT32 formatted

Macintosh OS

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