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I have an iMac system 10.6 and it recently became extremely sluggish. Went online and got CleanMyMac, cleaned up everything, but there was no change. Then I restarted the computer and lo and behold it was like new. So my question is this: Would restarting alone have solved the problem? - or - did the restart make the CleanMyMac operation effective? What's your opinion? Thanks and happy holidays.

David,First please stay away from those "Mac Cleaners" they are junk and more than likely spyware. Macs do not need such software. How much ram do you have? When you restarted your computer you cleared out your RAM thus making your computer faster. Adding more RAM to your computer will help this in the future,you will have to check if you can upgrade your RAM and how much more you can add to your computer. I hope this helps,if you have any more questions please feel free to ask.  

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