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For some reason I can't respond to your last answer to me...I have tried several time using the commands you sent me and I have never heard the 5 bongs I suppose to get really loud when I do this but I never hear 5.

ANSWER: Martha, I thought I sent out the answer when I got this.  Sorry for the delay.  

Are you comfortable working with me over the phone?  I think that will help you far more quickly.  You can call me anytime from 10:30 AM to 11:30 PM.  I'm in and out throughout the day but if you keep trying through those hours, you will eventually get me.  If you want me to call you, just send me your phone number ... and if you leave me a message, I can call you back when I get home.  Just be sure to leave a range of time for me to call so I don't call too late.  

My number is 603-527-8704

It's toll free for me to call so if it will cost you money, then have me call you (assuming you are in the US!).


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I finally figured out what I am doing wrong....the only problem I have now is I can't remove where it says company under preferences.  I typed my  name and address but when I click to print it is not showing my name and address and the 3 lines I wanted....I  did add home address under preferences but that didn't work either...almost there..

ANSWER: Martha,

I don't think you CAN remove Company, but if the field isn't filled, it won't print, so don't worry about that.

When I look at MY preferences, it shows a lot of red minus and green plus symbols.  You use those to add and subtract fields - just recognize that you always have to have at least one of each field available so you have something to add in the future.  

Under the Preferences on the TEMPLATE button, scroll down.  Mine, by default, shows WORK, but if you choose the arrows beside that, there are other choices.  Then you have the 3 address lines you want.  All that will be moved up depending on what you have filled in in other fields.  Does that make sense?  

I sure hope this helps.


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: Hi Debb....THANK YOU SO MUCH....I finally have 30 return address labels with the picture on them that I want.  You are awesome......


Sounds like you managed to do most of it yourself, Martha.  I'm just glad that you've got it up and running now.  Make a note of what you had to do so you don't forget.  You might want to make an address book card and use the NOTES section toward the bottom to remind yourself of any formatting changes you need to make OR things you have to remember to do before you go to print.

In any case, happy address collecting and printing!


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