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receive question mark on a folder when booting on
used macbook i just bought?  want to load tiger os?

what keys to press to eject cd?

The flashing ? folder means that the computer has either a damaged system folder or the computer's hard drive has failed. It doesn't mean that there is a disk in the drive unless you know for certain there is.

If you have inserted a DVD or CD and now cannot eject it you have two, possibly three, options depending on the age of the computer. MacBooks have been around since 2006 and forced disk ejection may be less complicated on older models.

Anyway .. let's assume it's a universal disk ejection technique which is required.

1   Shut down the Mac by pressing and holding the on button (top right of keyboard) until the screen shuts off.

2   Now press and hold the trackpad button and then press the MacBook's on button to start it up again. You'll hear a start up chime. Keep pressing the trackpad button. The disk should eject after a few seconds (perhaps as many as 15 depending on how confused the computer is).

3   If the track pad method fails and you have a USB mouse try the above again, but this time with the mouse connected and pressing the mouse button instead of the trackpad. I don't know if this will work using a non-Mac mouse. I've only fierce ejected disks using Apple brand mice.

If none of the above works, and you have inserted a Tiger OS disk:

The disk may be scratched or dirty.
The disk is not a retail version (Black shadow border with tiger stripes and a large X).
Image reference
If the disk is gray with white type and a small white Apple logo, it is a machine specific version and needs to be compatible with the MacBook.
That is ... it will need the disk which came with the MacBook originally.

You haven't provided sufficient information for me to advise further.

Good luck.

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