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Hello Debba. A web company say that the files they are trying to send to me, keep bouncing back. I have an IMac ,10.9 , OSX. I can recite regular emails, and MP3s ,but not the files from  this company.
Any suggestions

Dear Karlus,

This is a problem that I have had of late, too, and I solved it by using a different e-mail address.  I couldn't get it through RoadRunner OR Gmail, so we tried Yahoo and it popped right up.  Sometimes others won't go there, but Gmail may work for that one.  You can give that a try.

Who is your service provider?  You might contact them, too.  There may be a particular default blockade that they can help you remove.

I hope this helps.  And ALWAYS check your SPAM to see if it got sent there!


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