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Hello Debba.

My mac mini, when in sleep mode, revives at the simple touch of the mouse. Since the recent OSX update, this behaviour has
When I click the mouse, the screen demands the password, as The desktop is not there, as if the mac is being rebooted.  When I enter password, the desktop rebuilds in 1 second, instantaneous
This is also weird behavior !

Secondly, if I download something, I walk away for 30 minutes. when I return, the download has stopped since the mac put itself into sleep mode, willfully, without my instruction.

My energy saver is set at NEVER PUT DISC TO SLEEP.
The mac seems to ignore this setting.
I am totally stumped with this odd behaviour.

Ooops!  I'm sorry, James.  I somehow lost track of your question.  

Please send me the specifics of your computer --- exact system you are using, any preferences you have chosen involving security and general setup, Processor speed, Memory.  You locate that info by going to the Apple Menu, choosing About this computer, then clicking on More Info.  It should be in the very first window that opens.

I have had the download issues so know the frustration.  I don't want to stab at that, though, until I know the computer info.

We can try several things in an effort to eliminate some things.  How savvy are you?  Will I need to write detailed instructions like I did for the computer information or can I give the overall task and you can carry out the steps to get there?

I will do my best to stay on top of it this time.  I know you had hoped to have this all solved by now.  Again --- my apologies.


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