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QUESTION: Hello David :

Some now software called Icloud keeps appearing on my screen,
opening little windows, demanding my password,
and showing up in other annoying ways.
Do you know what this Icloud is, and where it came from,
and most important, how I can remove it from my computer ?
I looked under the Applications list, there is no folder there
titled Icloud.
Therefore, it seems insidious to me.
i cannot consult Apple, as my 3 year APPLECARE contract expired 3 weeks ago.
All advice is gretly appreciated.

In case you peruse the various questions submitted to the
experts, I'm the guy who has been flooding the site with
questions regarding my mac mini, which has begun the
LOG OUT procedure without my consent. It is most vexing
as well as Icloud haunting my every moment on the computer.

James Brunswick
Toronto Canada

ANSWER: iCloud is an online syncing and saving option installed as part of the operating system in every Mac, iPhone, and iPad.
There is an iCloud preference pane in System Preferences under the Apple Menu.

A Google for "turn off icloud" will return this as the first link

On your Mac: Choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click iCloud, then click Sign Out.

Anyone can visit an Apple Store and ask questions.

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanks for the info.
I had not noticed the Icloud preference panel before your directions.
Strange thing is, I had this mac mini for 3 years, yet the Icloud stuff started appearing only recently.

How strange is that ?

It may have become active with an update to the OSX you did, or a change on Apple's end of things.
There is a website
you can sign on and view your files that are on icloud.

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