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Here is my 3rd & final email today.
Simply providing any ideas that may be relevant.

A 2nd incident has occurred. I ran Disk Utility yesterday.
It reports a system file has been ALTERED and cannot be repaired.

I did send the DISK UTILITY report to a local Apple dealer,
He replied, " I would ignore this PERMISSIONS report. I've seen them before and they usually create zero problems. "

I attach a jpeg file so you can see the report.

I have now shown you everything I can think is important.
I am not in any hurry, so please don't feel any rush !

thank you !

Hi, James.  Boy, you have really got some frustrating issues on your computer.  I can relate on one level, but since I've not moved to that system, it's not something I completely understand.  That being said, I think we can try some standard 'fixes'.

1.  Have you done Disk Utility from your system disk or was it still reading from your hard drive?  Using the system disk is imperative.  That would be the first thing I would do - and run it 3-4 times if it doesn't come up clean.  Sometimes fixing one thing puts something else out of kilter and it takes a few times to get them all lined up.  If it doesn't clean it all up, or the problem still exists, please let me know.  If you still have the problem - try #2.

2.  Zap your PRAM (tell your computer to restart, hold down the option-command-P-R keys as soon as the screen goes black and before it bongs).  Hold those keys until you hear it bong 5 times, then let go and let it load normally.  Again, try using your computer and report to me how it behaves after doing that.  If it still misbehaves, try #3.

3.  Go into your system folders and discard your Preferences files.  It will mean that you will lose all your preferences, but that isn't always a bad thing.  If you need to take screen pics of particular settings so you remember what they were, do that BEFORE you toss that folder.  I find my e-mail settings are the most important to have.  Once you toss the folder, restart your computer.  Try things for a while, and get back to me.

4.  If all else fails, then we are going to do a clean install of your system.  Now, you are welcome to go directly to this if you want, but then you won't know if something easier might fix it.  I recommend that use your computer again and see what happens.  

Make sure you BACK UP your data BEFORE messing with these things, unless you don't care if you lose it.  While you SHOULDN'T lose it, you might, and I don't want to add that stress to your table.  

Hoping that one of these does the trick (or any combination of the choices).  DO stay in touch and DO send pics of things you find - that was helpful to see for my own edification, if nothing else.  


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