your troubleshooting item, # 3, tells me to go into my
system folders and discard the preference files.

what and where exactly are the system folders ?

FOR EXAMPLE, I see a LIBRARY folder containing dozens of folders, alphabetically ordered, from APPLICATION SUPPORT
to WIDGETS. In that folder are 2 folders, titled,
Are these 2 folders called  system folders ?
Are there any folders in the mac mini that are not system folders ?

ANSWER: James, open your hard drive and under places on the left, choose your little house.  In that, choose Library - and from there Preferences - not preference panes.  I would put it onto a thumb drive or into another folder on the computer and, if still on your computer, rename the folder to something that will remind you what it is --- TrouleshootingSave; DoNotTrash --- something like that.  Then restart your computer and try again (don't forget to remove the thumb drive if that's where you put it).  I'm hoping this will do the trick.  If it does, after a month or so (to give you time to try out all your favorite programs), you can pop that sucker into the trash.

Keeping my fingers crossed ...


PS:  I messed up - ignore 'system folders'.  You found the right place.

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My Drive Window
My Drive Window  

Here is a snapshot . I followeed your instruction and opened
my drive window, & clicked the little house icon.

As you can see, there are no preference folders of any kind
available in that window. Maybe OS X YOSEMITE has organized a
different placement for some things ?

ANSWER: James,

In your last message, you told me that you found Preferences and Preference Panes ... wherever they were, is what you want.

Or, if you can find a folder called USERS (do a search?), see if you can find Library in that.

Let me know ...


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: I found the folder called Library, and PREFERENCES AND PREFERENCE PANES are there.
I trashed the preferences folder.
If my computer explodes, you will be an accomplice to my demise.

James, dear - did you follow your teacher's directions and save a renamed copy of your preferences folder 'just in case'?  Hmmmmmm?

I didn't hear any explosion here --- did you cause the explosion in China when you restarted?

Keeping my fingers crossed that you have managed to solve your issues.  But, of course, as the dedicated teacher that I am, I'm ready to plow ahead if we need to.  If you haven't done it yet, PLEASE back up your personal files.  I accept to responsibility for any losses on that front.

Assuming that any explosion was minimal and that you have at least 9 of your 10 fingers left, I will expect a message from you in the morning (it's already after 2AM here ... I'm about to call it a day) telling me all your excitement with your successes.  Please, make sure the blood is cleaned up BEFORE you take any desktop pictures for me.  :D


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