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Macintosh OS/how to make BOOTABLE DRIVE ?


David. you sent me to   "bootable usb"

I looked there, but the video for this instruction does not appear adjacent to it's link. Instead, commercial videos appear for other software features and apps.

Another site provides a tutorial for making start up drives, but these require the user to know how to use
TERMINAL. I don't understand terminal,nor 50%  of the tech rap that occurs in these videos. I do know how to use DISK UTILITY, but even that video requires me to also employ TERMINAL.
I hope there is a procedure that simply tells me what to do
with the thumbdrive, so I can make a bootable disk.
Any tips for a total novice ?

You have a bootable drive.  You can copy it to another drive with SuperDuper or Carbon Copy Cloner and it will boot.

The instructions for Bootable USB drives are simple copy and paste into terminal.
It is not rocket surgery.
Following the instructions step by step is one way to learn how to do simple terminal commands.
Do the Google, click on Video and watch some of the YouTube Videos?

How to prepare a drive for use in OS X

Google "install osx on external drive"

Google "copy osx to external drive"

I collect Mac Tech Support links at

My Scoopit - Macintosh Technical Support Links

There are 85 pages of links.

A Google on a subject with ""  or ""  or ""  will return results from that site.

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