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QUESTION: Hello Jeff :

Please view the attached jpeg file,& see a snapshot of a page on
my monitor. It shows a list of files, supposedly residing in my mac.
These files belong to a downloaded app called 'Soundtap'. It is an audio app used to record streaming data.
When I decided to trash SOUNDTAP app, Spotlight was unable to
locate any files. So,

The files were located by a freeware OS X  app called EASY FIND !
It finds files that  SPOTLIGHT cannot locate. I don't know why. I have used
it for 6 months and it is superior to Spotlight.

I manually searched for these files, but I cannot locate any of them.
They are not visible in the locations indicated in the listing.

How is it possible that EASYFIND can see files that I can't see or locate ?

ANSWER: James,

It's because spotlight is trained not to look in those places.

Spotlight will not index:

your /Library.
The main /Library

Anything with a period in the beginning of it's name.

If you do a search in the finder, there's a plus on the right side and a second that reads KIND is ANY.

If you want spotlight to search places that Apple thinks you shouldn't be (because you could damage your setup), change KIND to Other..., choose "System Files" from the list. And then choose to include system files.

A better way to delete software (that doesn't have it's own uninstaller) would a tool like App Cleaner. It's free and from here:

I'd suggest reinstalling Soundtap, and using App Cleaner to remove all the little pieces.



---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Thanx. I will download the app.
But I want to understand your instruction, which reads,
" If you do a search in the finder, there's a plus on the right side and a second that reads KIND is ANY.

Forgive my novice lack of perception, but I don't know what a
SEARCH IN THE FINDER  indicates...?

The Finder merely provides access to System Preferences.
So, I don't know how to conduct the search you encourage.


> The Finder merely provides access to System Preferences.

All the icons on your system, the folders etc, are part of the finder.

You can access the find capabilities by choosing

Finder> File menu > Find.


It's the little box in the top right of any Finder window.


This is the same as using spotlight, and after doing a search, going to the bottom of the spotlight results and choosing "Show all in Finder."

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