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I have a macbook OS10.10.5 and a Linksys WRT350N wireless router. Until recently it worked just fine, but I suddenly lost connection, and I couldn't find my network name in the drop down list, it just disappeared.

My brother originally set it up for me, then the cable internet guy set it up when I switched to cable. I knew this day would come someday, but I figured it would happen when I moved, not now.

Can you direct me step by step how to set this up

No, I can not. There is much information I would need to do this.  
Is the router plugged in and the lights lit as they should be?
The wireless router is connected to a Modem from your IPS provider - Comcast, Century Link or other.
Turning off the Modem and router, then turning on Modem, waiting for lights to stablize, turning on router and waiting for these led's to stablize is THE FIRST thing to do.

What was the SSID (wireless network name)
If you turn it off, what name disappears? When you turn it on, what name appears?
Wireless network can be turned off or on. Connecting to the router with an ethernet cable is how you view this.

If you connect your MacBook (model, Ram, HD size) with an ethenet cable to your Linksys router you can view and change it's setttings.
There is a default Username and Password to login to change settings.  These could have been changed. If changed, the new settings should have written down in threes places and one taped to the router.
Default settings

The router wireless modem may have died, does the computer connect with an ethernet cable? Does it connect at your library or wifi cafe?  

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