I run Yosemite 10.10.4 on a mac mini.

Spotlight is not functioning properly.
I type the name of a folder in, but Spotlight doesn't see it.
I tried 6 folders, it saw 2, but not the other 4.
I tested all folders, they are healthy and normal.
I rebooted twice. Spotlight has not returned to normalcy.

The most interesting anomaly is this :
I asked Spotlight to find a folder. It found it.
But, it would not identify the location. So, I drag/dropped the
icon from the Spotlight window to the desktop. That folder was
then copied. I then changed the folder's name.
Spolight could no longer see the orignal folder.
When you drag-drop + copy, from the Spotlight window,
should that have anyu affect on the item being copied ?
I think the answer is no !
I cannot sort out this weird behavior.

ANSWER: Yosemite is a work in progress, it can have many problems, especially on older Macs.  El Capitan is the supposed fix.
Just as Snow Leopard fixed Leopard, Mountain Lion fixed Lion.

Spotlight is a database, a very large database - so you can search on file contents. It can become corrupted, the index needing to be deleted and recreated.
Spotlight depends on the Directory to create it's database, if the Directory is corrupt, Spotlight will be corrupt or inaccurate.

The directory is an invisible database the tracks the location of all files, folders, and folders within folders. The directory can become damaged and cause problems. Disk first Aid in Disk Utility repairs the directory, it can not repair the directory of the current running OSX hard drive or partition. So you start up with a bootable DVD, USB flash drive or hard drive to repair the Boot Drive directory.
Alsoft's DiskWarrior ($100) is the best directory repair utility. Diskwarrior comes on a bootable flash drive.

If you start up in Safe mode (SHIFT key down) a directory repair is done by Disk First Aid.  SHOULD BE DONE MONTHLY.....
Fsck (File System Check) can be run from Single User Mode (start with Command-S down) this is the same OSX directory repair routine.
Open Disk Utility select a hard drive, correctly partitioned USB flash drive, or partition and you can repair the directory on the device BUT NOT the drive running the operating system (the Boot Drive)
Boot from Recovery Partition (if you have one) and you can repair the Boot Drive.

Google "Repair Spotlight Index"


---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------


Thank you for this coherent instruction. I will follow it step by step.
I want to know how to make a bootable start up disk.
Can you instruct me on ' how to' create a
bootable start up disk ? Either a cd or dvd version ?
My computer is the mac mini intel, OSX YOSEMITE 10.10. 4.

I once read a poorly written description HOW TO but it didn't work for me. I'd like to try this again if possible.

ANSWER: A USB Flash Drive is a better choice.
Faster and can be updated and include things not possible on a DVD.

Google "bootable usb"

Google "bootable usb"

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

QUESTION: My problem began when Spotlight located a folder, but didn't reveal it's location. I copied the folder & content. BUT, that folder remains invisible to my eyes when I search manually, and Spotlight also does
not see it. The Spotlight Index difficulties are curable, BUT,
they do not explain the FOLDER THAT VANISHED. That original folder vanished as soon as I copied it from the SPOTLIGHT Window, aka the
drag & drop process.

Neither Spotlight nor the Harddrive use a default procedure to erase
an item the user decides to copy. Therefore, the mystery of the vanished folder is a worthy topic, huh ? I manually examined every folder on the
computer, which took 2 hours. The vanished folder is gone.
I never placed it in trash and emptied trash.
Is there any point in  continuing to ponder this ?

Spotlight is one way to search.
Command+F  or  Finder > File > FInd   is another

EasyFInd is a Free Search tool

GrandPerspective displays the contents of a HD, partition, or folder

If the folder was mistakenly placed into a folder in another folder and the Spotlight Search Index is corrupt....
If the directory of the hard drive is corrupt, not seeing folders or files is one possible symptom.

Backups are a good idea.

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