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QUESTION: I have EL CAPITAN on a mac mini.
I launched iTunes. It launched is messed up. When launched, the desktop slides from right, to left,
and goes off screen,
then an iTunes window opens.
When open, none of the features work, the OS horizon strip on top edge is covered and inaccessible.
The corner diagonal arrows for altering window sizes are gone.
iTunes then responded  only to keyboard COMMAND Q. That's the only function which works.

I rebooted 4 times, ran disk first aid.
Nothing helps.
All other computer apps are normal/


ANSWER: Has iTunes worked correctly on El Capitan?
How long did it work properly?
Ran disk first aid from where? Recovery Disk? Command + R at startup?

Do you have backups? Did you make a boot disk image before upgrading to El Capitan? (SuperDuper, or CCC)
Why did you upgrade to El Capitan, Apple JUST released the third bug fix.

Create a new user with admin rights, log in as that user and test iTunes.
[[ log in as your user, duplicate some or all of your music to HD - not your user folder and import into new user iTunes to test.]]
If iTunes does not work in new user....
Downloading the 10.11.3 Combo update and installing is one option. (it is brand new and may not be available yet)
Booting from Recovery Disk and reinstalling El Capitan is another.
Downgrading to a previous OSX is difficult and sometimes the only option.

Backup your music. You DO have backups?
Users/youruser/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music

Read about El Capitan on

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

Screen Shot
Screen Shot  
Thanks for the responses/
I am far less savvy and technically perceptive or
experienced than you. I am a bit intimidated by your complete
essay here.

Let me proceed at my pace. First, I include a screen shot. It shows the
only ITUNES page I can access. It is a partial list of tunes ion MY MUSIC FOLDER. It shows the page filling the screen and hiding the desktop !

I'll begin answering your query.
Yes, iTunes always worked perfect on EL CAPITAN, as do all other

What is a recovery disk ?
What is Command + R at start up ?
I am unaware of these.
I don't know what this means !

Regarding recovery disks. Once, I tried to make  a start up disk. I
Perhaps that is a RECOVERY disc ?

I followed instructions from your' all experts 'colleagues,
I followed text at APPLE.COM,
I followed instructions from a web based forum,
I tried to make the start up disk  onto a USB,

It was a god awful nightmare. I spent days, nuthin worked and I almost
went nuts. PLAIN AND SIMPLE. Once the USB was a recovery disk, it jammed the mac mini so bad I had to wipe the drive and
reinstall ELCAPITAN for the 2nd time.

I received contradictory instructions from varied sources.
How to do this ?

Regarding iTunes. I have all the music backed up.
But there is no way to trash the application and reinstall it , huh ?

you suggest creating a new user with admin rights !
I am not sure how to do this !
I  use the computer, but I remain unaware of many basic
aspects, plus, and more important, I am 69 years old and I forget
some things I probably know, or knew. I must proceed one step at a time.

ANSWER: El Capitan makes a hidden partition on the internal hard drive (as did earlier versions of OSX)
The computer can be booted from the Recovery Disk by holding COMMAND + R keys down at startup.
You can also boot from the Recovery Disk by holding OPTION key down at startup, this shows bootable partitions and hard drives and allows you choose.
IF you Google "recovery disk command r option osx" the best links to articles about the subject will appear.

If you have no experience, no interest in reading and learning, I would suggest you make an appointment at your nearest Genius Bar online and have them diagnose and fix the problem.  I have not seen it before, and a quick Google did not bring anything up.

In the System Preferences on the fourth row there is USERS icon, click that - you click the lock at bottom left, enter your password.
Click the + button at the bottom of the left column.
Select New Account [Administrator]
Enter a Full Name  (maybe test?)
Enter a Password (maybe "7", short and easy)  reenter password (7)
enter a password hint (maybe lucky?)
Click Create User button.
OR Google "create new test user osx" for instructions.

Now there is a new user, LOGOUT of your user At the bottom of the APPLE Menu.
Now log in as the new user.
Open iTunes, does it work correctly?
This should take less than fifteen minutes and narrows the possible problems down a bit.

ONCE a month you should start with SHIFT key down, this fixes hard drives and permissions.  When you boot this way you are in Safe Mode.
When you get to the desktop, restart your Mac and you will be back to normal mode.
GOOGLE "safe mode mac regular monthly maintenance" for further info

---------- FOLLOW-UP ----------

I opened my ITUNES folder, and discovered the some files
which belong there, are absent.

Clearly, the iTunes  thing is damaged, incomplete, etc........
Can iTunes be reinstalled ?

I did download the EL CAPITAN UPDATE.  10.11.3
It has not cured the ailing iTunes program.

Any clues I can follow now ?

El Capitan has an option to hide the menu bar
Yosemite added full screen mode

You opened iTunes folder in a new user or your user??  DID YOU TRY NEW USER????
New user will not have anything unless you add things.
Exact descriptions are useful.

Is iTunes opening as usual, does it display music, or videos, or podcasts

Have you booted into Recovery Disk? DONT do anything except test the ability to boot into it.
DONT do anything except test the ability to boot into it.  DONT do anything except test the ability to boot into it.
OS X: About OS X Recovery
Use the Recovery HD Volume to Reinstall OS X or Troubleshoot Mac Problems

Backup your music. You DO have backups?
Users/youruser/Music/iTunes/iTunes Media/Music

IKNOW this is about Yosemite, there are two installs available on Recovery Disk - Upgrade Install and Clean Install
Upgrade Install: The upgrade install will completely remove the existing version of OS X from the startup drive. It will update all needed system files, and update all applications that Apple includes with the OS, such as Mail and Safari. An upgrade install won't make changes to your user data; as a result, your user accounts and any data associated with them will remain.

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